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Fassade abendsFamily and personal

The Blue corner pampers you as a guest with a high standard of quality, attentive service and excellent cuisine. Values such as tradition, historical commitment to the region as well as trust between you and the hotel staff, are to be lived by us. Here you will be given an authentic hospitality that comes from the heart and the daily feeling to be “At home by friends!”.

True hospitality

Our handling of mutual respect and appreciation within our company, promotes a positive working environment with internal and external impacts. As our guest, you can feel and experience it daily. We do not only want to satisfy you but to amaze you and exceed your expectations!

Quality of the details, both play in all respects a crucial role at our hotels, both in terms of hotel features and continuously service attentiveness ¬ – the basis of a relaxing stay – which circumspect choice of ingredients of our food or the good local knowledge of our staff giving you willingly the information and recommendations you might need.

Guests don’t come to us by chance but rather because they are looking for a personal and warmth hospitality!

Our conviction

We will continue our effort to rank among the leading hotels at the Nürburgring region! We place great value on our skilled employees who perform with passion our profession, independently within a team, learning to bring joy, appreciation in living together.

Everybody in our team is equally important! We know that we radiate outward only what we live on the inside. We invest heavily in the promotion of all employees. Regular seminars, training sessions and on Job training are just as much of the program as the maintenance of internal communication and team work.

Our motto, One Team, One Spirit: Together we are stronger!”