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460768-e1356565535455 445688-e1356565597301The history of the “Blue Corner” goes back many centuries, but Adenau City is even older. The first mention we find in a deed dated May 992, signed by the Emperor Otto III, with details of hunting rights. This exact description of the valleys around Adenau is historically documented beginning of the local history. Then the Gräfen Ahre of the area, with Nürburg reigned as the event center. Only the destruction of the castle end of the 1600s by French troops turned back Adenau the Headquarters. After the French administration 1793-1813, the area was re-Prussian.

History1From here the blue corner was a restaurant. The historical building was built in 1578 by order of the Count of Are-Nürburg Hochstaden. There is also information about contradiction of the building year, but a year-determination of the bar next door – today Bistro Adenauer – shows logs that may have been made by the end of the 1640 other buildings around the square arose before all and after 1600, ie until shortly after the 30-year war (1618-1648).

394042-e1356565564868The weather vane on the roof of the “blue corner” says 1578, but after the visit of Swedish troops in the 30-year war had much to be redesigned and therefore some of these houses have two birth dates. An operator is known to us: Wilhelm Bewer, also officially Kurkölnischer Office waiters and treasurer of St. John Coming, contributing perhaps to believe that here a tithe house was. Wilhelm valuation in stock book of St. John in 1682 as taxable listed “from his house at the market”, and he was probably the one who gave Blue corner  a new face.

Today, market 4 and 5 assembled together and above the bistro part now hotel rooms in modern style, including two rooms for conferences and celebrations. Since 2006  can enjoy a newly built part with even more capacity for guests